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Where is your fleet on the road to low-carbon, low-cost, efficient operations?

When it comes to cutting fuel costs, reducing emissions and preparing for the electric future, are you racing ahead or still at the starting line?

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Measure your progress in 4 key areas

Even if a fully electric fleet is miles away, there are lots of things fleets can do today to improve sustainability and keep control of spiralling costs.

Answer 12 short questions to measure your progress in four key areas. See how you measure against the best practice benchmark, and get recommended tips to improve.


Reducing carbon emissions today

Have you put the right measures in place to limit your diesel/petrol fleet emissions?


Controlling costs

As fuel and insurance bills mount, what are you doing to keep a lid on them?


Operational efficiency

Does your current approach help to limit downtime and vehicle wear and tear?


Electrifying the fleet

Are your current actions and plans getting you closer to the electric future?


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Once you’ve finished, compare your score against the best practice benchmark and get tailored tips to improve your fleet sustainability.

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